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William Soleau Choreographer
William Soleau Biography
William Soleau has created over 100 ballets on companies around the world. Mr. Soleau first gained international recognition in 1987 for his creation of a new work ‘Universe’ for The Shanghai Ballet of China during its first International Shanghai Arts Festival. As a resident choreographer and principal dancer for both Finis Jhung’s Chamber Ballet U.S.A and Dennis Wayne’s 'DANCERS' in New York City in the 80's he established himself as an emerging choreographer. New York critic Allan Charlet of Back Stage wrote He is destined to become one of our most prolific dance creators with his utter dedication and sincerity of purpose.

Mr. Soleau had the opportunity as a principal dancer with several companies to tour to over 30 countries while personally working with such notable choreographers as Alvin Ailey, John Butler, Toer van Schayk, Antony Tudor, Joyce Trisler, Gray Veredon and Norman Walker. Besides the companies mentioned above, his works can also be seen in the repertories of
Ballet British Columbia, Richmond Ballet, Ballet de Montreal, Ballet Austin, The Icelandic Ballet, American Ballroom Dance Theater, Ballet Florida, Ballet Gamonet, Sarasota Ballet, Dance Kaleidoscope, Ballet Met, Ballet NY and The Louisville Ballet among many others. Besides concert work, he has also created choreography for Film, Theater and Opera. Presently Mr. Soleau serves as Co-Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer for the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara.

Mr. Soleau was the recipient of the Choo San-Goh Award for Choreography in 2006. He presently serves as the Executive Director for the John Butler Foundation, Inc. dedicated to preserving and protecting the master works of this influential American Choreographer. He also is the film editor for the Antony Tudor Ballet Trust.

John Butler Foundation, Inc
| Antony Tudor Ballet Trust

Mr. Soleau is a graduate of Amherst College.

William Soleau

William Soleau rehearsing Denishawn's "Spear Dance Japanesque" with Joyce Trisler
New Dance Group Studio NYC - 1978 Photo: John Dady

Thoughts on Choreography
There are many approaches to choreography and each is valid. For me, choreography is an expression of the qualities of the human body and soul. It should be both physical and emotional at the same time. To put it simply, I like to tell stories. With each ballet I create, I try to touch upon human emotions and senses that all of us share. I believe that the medium of the dance is human poetry in its purest form. A blending of music, body, mind and spirit which elevates and enlightens the human consciousness. It is a universal language of communication which has no borders.

 Ellen Troy and William Soleau in Finis Jhung's 'Libido'


  Ellen Troy and William Soleau in Finis Jhung's "Libido" 1982