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Appalachian Spring

Choreography: William Soleau
Music: Aaron Copland
Santa Barbara Symphony - Conductor: Nir Kabaretti
State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara
Premiere: January 22, 2011 - Santa Barbara CA - Granada Theater.

Leila Drake and Arsen Serobian in Bill Soleau's "Appalachian Spring" Photo by David Bazemore

REVIEWS - Excerpts

"With respectful nods to Graham's stylized original vision, Mr. Soleau has created stunningly simple, flowing choreography for his 'Appalachian Spring.' It is both careful homage to Graham and a uniquely personal meditation on the American condition."
Dan Kepl - Santa Barbara News-Press

"One gesture reserved for the young girl, a vibrating open hand reveals her anxiety in two key moments. It is only the audience which sees the movement, making the gesture that much more compelling. These are moments when you sense a truly gifted choreographer at work, one who is capable of revealing much but with surprising restraint."
Steven Woodruff - DanceChannelTV

"As collaborations go, it couldn’t have been a more perfect premiere when State Street Ballet and Santa Barbara Symphony teamed up to present Aaron Copland’s musical magnus opus “Appalachian Spring” at a sold-out Granada."
Richard Mineards - Montecito Journal

"Soleau carried the music in new directions, pairing a young woman from the city with a young man from the country, thereby creating subtle tension between two groups. With a score clocking in at less than 25 minutes, this had to be a crisp and polished ballet, and Soleau made every moment count."
Elizabeth Schwyzer - The Independent